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Close your eyes. Take a breath.

Good. Now take another. SLOWER this time.

Actually feel it. Expand, contract.


This is the natural flow of life flowing with you.

There. Doesn't that feel better already?

Oooh...what's that? Do you feel that sensation deep in your body? Yes, I feel it, too.

Breathe into it with me. Make it expand. Allow it to consume you.

You're doing great, keep breathing.

Keep Moving.

It's the wild animal within. And it wants to be unleashed.

Can you give it a sound?

That's right, I want to hear your wild animal.

Good job. Now why don't you do it like you actually mean it?

Like you want to let go.

Like you are ready to feel again.

Like you are actually showing up for what you came here for.

To feel. To play. To Rawrrrrr.

To change the world just by being YOU.

Here, you don't become anything.

Here, you unbecome.

You unbecome your stories, you dramas, you "shoulds".

Here, you get to just BE.

BE the Being that you always were.

Sensual Domination - 2 hr $888
Tantric Tease - 90 min $666
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